Codespa Foundation

Angola Help View

In order to serve the purpose of communicating the intended message, and spreading awareness of the cause, Territorio creativo generated an integrated concept of a new website. Previously, the website Codespa had been using for the #AngolaHelpView project was solely informative; however, the new one would combine an emotional pull with real-time physical effects of all donations made. This was done by creating a street view of the Angola regions in question, which allowed people to see what was happening on the streets of Angola, as well as to publicize the work that the NGO was doing for the inhabitants. On the website, there was a countdown timer, which served as a reminder that all the work being done could disappear if Codespa didn’t get the chance to remain in Angola. Additionally, a digital piggy bank summed up the donations made and was connected to the counter; hence, for each euro donated, 10 more minutes were added to Codespa’s time in the region. To increase the visibility and reach of the campaign, it was reinforced with a PR strategy, focused on mass media and on Street marketing actions (i.e. performances) on the popular street of Gran Via in Madrid.

• This campaign was the biggest fundraising movement ever carried out by Codespa and helped them to raise a record high sum of 92.000€; the highest attained in the all the time previously spent in Angola.

• Over 100 media outlets, including TVE, news programs, and technological programs such as Open House, picked up the story. The effect was amplified, and coupled with the performance of the fundraiser, increased the funds to the required € 100,000.

• The branded content developed for the campaign generated more than 100,000 video views, and over 10 million impressions on social media.

• The campaign was also recognized with a bronze award in FIAP.